National Pets Day 2020: Know about pet care during COVID-19 outbreak

Pets bring joy in peoples’ lives and humans & pets together bring the most needed balance in the nature. Pets Day celebrates this lovable relation between the two creations of nature and encourages people to adopt more pets, take care of them and make the world a better place to live in for everyone. In the year 2020, this day has arrived at a situation when the humanity is fighting its deadliest battle against Novel Coronavirus which has threatened our very existence. Amidst, COVID-19 pandemic, there has also been a lot of prejudices, misunderstandings, and doubts related to pets, their care, and their effect on humans. To mark this year’s Pets Day, we are throwing some light on pets and more about them in relevance to the pandemic.

Pets and spread of COVID-19 infection

Till date, there has been no evidence of pets or companion animals spreading Coronavirus among people. Though there are some types of Coronavirus like Canine or Feline Coronavirus which can make your pet fall sick, they cannot infect humans. Especially, these viruses are no way related to current outbreak of Covid-19. Having said that, we already know that pets can spread a number of other diseases, it is always advisable to maintain basic healthy habits and good hygiene regimen with animals.

Is there any COVID-19 test for pets?

If you feel that your pet is dull or sick, you should consider talking to a veterinarian.

Can my cat or dog become a carrier of COVID-19?

There is no substantial evidence to prove that cats and dogs play a role in transmission of this Coronavirus. However, they might get infected with close contact to an infected human being. So, stay alert and watch yourself to prevent any transmission of virus to your pet.

Protect your pet if you are sick

Protect your pet if you are sick


If you are a suspect or confirmed case of Covid-19 infection, stay away from your pet as the way you isolate from your family members and others.The widespread distribution of coronavirus demands preventive mindset in a holistic way, including prevention for animals.

1. Let other family member take care of the pet and its needs

2. Avoid physical contacts with the pet like petting, cuddling, snuggling, and kissing

3. If you are the only one to take care of your pet, follow the basic hygiene rules before touching your pet. Wear a mask, use hand gloves, wash your hands before and after touching your pet and its supplies, and try to keep maximum possible distance while feeding or caring for it.

Government authorities across the world are working to gain more information about the effect of current situation on animals and derive precautionary measures for the welfare of pets and other animals. As an aware citizen, you need to follow the regular hygiene guidelines, be watchful and report to animal health partners in case of any unusual observation in your pet.

Things to keep in mind

1. Do not let your pet wander around the house getting in touch in your personal care products and eatables.

2. Clean the wastes, spillovers, food pans of your pet properly.

3. Sanitize your hands before getting engaged with your pet for anything.

4. If you are getting pet food from outside, clean the packet properly before using it.

5. Clean the pet toys and accessories regularly.

Most importantly, your pet is a life moving around you and sharing some bond with you. Don't mistreat, starve, avoid or abandon your pet being fearful of getting infected. Remember, your pet needs more attention and care than before during this phase of social distancing.