Online consultation – Its convenience & merits

With the day-to-day advancement of technology, medical guidance and treatment options are not only getting more and more accessible but also gaining momentum in all age groups. The thrust can also be attributed to the non-proportionate ratio of patient and doctor in Indian scenario which craves for some reliable alternative of seeking medical care. 

According to the latest report published by World Health Organization, there is only one government doctor for every 10,189 patients on an average in the Indian scenario. This figure directly hints a shortage of well qualified government and private doctors, paramedics and nurses. Very often, this gap results in delayed medical attention, faulty treatments and self-diagnosis. 

A classic example of people living with diabetes can be taken into consideration when it comes to management of this life long condition. Upon detection of this condition, regular visits to doctor clinic might help you understand your condition better, but managing high blood glucose levels can also be done by taking expert advice on phone calls, chats or video conversations. The doctor can easily prescribe suitable medicines, diagnostic tests and recommend diet charts on preferred electronic media, saving your travel efforts, time and money. Read on to find the merits of online consultation.

Here are the top 5 reasons on why you should opt for online consultation for non-chronic and non-emergency conditions.

Get immediate help 

No long-awaited appointments, no more waiting for long hours outside doctor’s clinic just to get an opinion, report interpretation, treatment and prescription from your physician. You can get an immediate help through online consultation. All you have to do is just to make a call or message and briefly explain all the symptoms that you are experiencing. You can also choose a preferred language to communicate your condition better. Get the solution in your comfortable language and shortest turnaround time from expert doctors even if they are not from the same city or country. 

Most importantly, save yourself from other infectious diseases from other patients while visiting clinics and hospitals.

Goodbye long-distance travelling

Bid bye to travelling miles. No more traffic worries and waiting for the bus/cab. Now you need not have to waste your valuable time in travelling to hospitals and money. A lot of time will be saved and patient also won’t undergo any exertion. Gain access to consult a wide range of expert physicians without interrupting your busy schedules and facing the barrier of geographies. 

Cost effective (Wallet friendly)

As you may have already experienced that these days even simple treatments have become very costly. On an average, any consultation plus medicine and diagnostics’ cost minimum upto 1000 rupees. In the case of online consultations, treatment and consultations are always available at the best affordable prices when compared to current normal consultations. Along with that, your travel expenses are also saved. This is more beneficial for the people who are looking for  treatment or medical opinions within affordable range. 

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Expert opinions (first, second & third)

First and foremost, online consultation is legal and much better than consulting quacks and midwives. Satisfaction plays a crucial role in getting cured from any disease.  In case you are not satisfied with a physical visit to a doctor or just want to confirm the diagnosis, you can always have a second opinion for your medical and mental satisfaction with an online consultation. It can be of great help for simple to complex illness too.

Chat with a doctor for second opinion 

Prescription, medicine, diagnostic tests at your doorstep

In this modern era, not only you can get an easy access to treatment and prescription, you can also get medicines’ delivery and diagnostic tests at your door step. The diagnostic tests can be booked online by choosing your comfortable timings. A phlebotomist will arrive to your home as scheduled and will collect the sample. The medicines will also be delivered within short span of time so that you need not have to wait for a long time in pharmacies. 

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Hence online consultation has a number of benefits which are sure to boom in the coming days. However, before going for the online consultation, it is always recommended to go through the details of the website and needless to say that chronic cases such as strokes, fatal injuries, new-born delivery and all emergency cases should never be consulted online as they require immediate medical intervention in a hospital near you!