Online Healthcare Services in India---An Ever Enlarging Industry

The Healthcare service in India is going to rank among top 50s in a few decades. This is certain with the emerging trend of health care tourism, online medical services, and the implementation of modern health care facilities in private and government hospitals. This is also evident from the increasing number of specialty hospitals, alternative healthcare services, and foreign certified professional working 24 x 7. The last decade shows a rapid improvement in people’s consciousness about their health which is apparent in the increased number of people opting for private and government health and medical policies.

Presently, the inflow of foreign patients and the success rate in providing affordable healthcare services have ranked India at 112th place among other top 200 countries. There are many factors that have contributed to this ever enlarging healthcare industry in India, one of them being the integration of technology to promote and facilitate online healthcare services. The online medical software facilitates the online transfer of medical history of the patient, online booking of appointments, online payment from anywhere in the world, easy media-claims and permanent health management. All these facilities have eased the life of people who depend largely on the internet to find the solution to their immediate requirements. Nowadays people need not travel too far off places for specialized hospitals. They can find specialty hospitals within their reach searching for them on the internet.

Healthcare services in India span to a number of other areas also like beauty & wellness and everywhere there is the adoption of the latest medicines, procedures, and medical equipment. The upgradation of medical equipment is an ongoing process in a number of health care units and hospitals; be it a rural or an urban health center. The online ordering of medicines and medical equipment to come with many discounts. When it comes to the workforce, our own medical professionals are there to meet the current demand from top to the low level of medical and allied services. Now a day, implementing ISO certification has vastly improved the quality of medical services in the private sector. The e-health services are contributing more as Indians have more access to online resources from their smartphones, tablets, and laptops. The availability of modern healthcare services in India has reduced the mortality rate of old age people. The future of healthcare services in India is growing in a positive trend everywhere and the emergence of e-healthcare is acting as an icing on the cake.