Pantry stock-up ideas for the Coronavirus lockdown

The arrival of the pandemic is a call to lot many changes in the way we had been living. Lockdown, which aims at limiting or arresting the spread of virus transmission by breaking the chain, has compelled us to look and embrace other consequences of a “home-bound” lifestyle. Though, this short phase of being indoors has taught us to be self-reliant in many aspects, the fear and anticipation of food shortage is quite obvious. Here we need some kind of preparation.

A well-planned grocery preparation can make you pass through these days without any stress. Moreover, you have already started eating healthy home-made food as the outside food is not available, limited shopping time does not allow a stroll towards packaged foods’ shelves and with limited supplies, you are using things resourcefully. In such circumstances, if you get ready with a grocery list that gives you all the nutrition, then this confinement can yield healthy results.

In India, we usually have some staple foods to be consumed throughout the year. A little addition to it and diversification with proper planning can help us stay full and healthy. So, here is the list to stock-up with during COVID-19 spreadwhich is easy to store at home for longer period of time.

Beans and legumes:

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Lookout for these items as they are not only long lasting but also nutrient-rich. During the shortage of vegetables, you can prepare plenty of recipes with pulses. Get all the variety of legumes like toor dal (pigeon pea or arhar dal), chana dal (black gram dal), Urad dal, moong dal, masoor dal etc. Also, stock black gram and chickpeas as you would be able to prepare curry like dishes with them. Likewise, sprouted whole green moongcan be used as evening snacks. You can also have boiled green moong in the morning breakfast.

Black-eyed beans, rajma, soybean seeds, etc are a few more items that can be wisely used in soups and in place of vegetable curries.

Long-lasting vegetables:

coronavirus pantry strategies, coronavirus lockdown


If you get a chance to shop for vegetables, then here are some suggestions for you. These will last long and can be bought in a little larger amount due to their long-lasting nature. Potatoes, onions, garlic, ginger, yam, arvi (taro root), red beet roots, raw banana, etc fall in the category of long-lasting vegetables.

Milk tetra packs:

Stock up your kitchen during coronavirus lockdown


With state-borders closing down, there might be some shortage of daily milk packets. However, the tetra packs can be bought in bulk and stored for quite some good amount of days, as they don’t get spoiled like the regular milk. However, keep in mind, you don’t have to hoard the things, so buy only what you need and can consume.

High-fiber cereals:

High-fiber cereals


Fiber rich food keeps your digestion good and uplifts the mood. They can also be stored for too long. So, buy the jars, tetra packs, or plastic packets of dry cereals like corn flakes, oats, beaten rice (poha), jowar or bajra flakes, muesli etc. You can have them with milk, curd, or as dry-fried snacks.

Soybean balls:

Soya bean balls


They can easily be stored for months and the number of dishes you can prepare is also extensive. They are good to be used as curries with or without potatoes, koftas, soy manchurians, baked soy snacks and more. Recipes made out of these can give you the most deserved change in taste.

Dry bread toast and biscuits:

Dry bread toast and biscuits


Fussy kids at home are not easy to manage, especially when it comes to there snacks. So, get ready with their favourite biscuits, cookies, rusk, toasts, etc.

Herbal tea powders:

Herbal tea powders


Well, tea dips of different flavours will not only freshen you up, but will also boost your immunity, which we badly need at this time. First of all, if you can make some herbal tea at home using basil leaves, ginger, pepper etc, it’s preferable. Else, you can also buy flavoured tea dips like honey & lemon, basils, ginger & honey, cinnamon etc.


What to stock up on for coronavirus lockdown


Wheat flour, ragi flour, roasted black gram flour, rice flour, besan (raw glack gram flour) etc are must to have items. They can be used in making chapaties, dosa, chilla (thick dosa like regional recipie) etc. You can even grind soaked moong dal or whole green moong at home to make healthy dosas out of them. Rice flour can be mixed as per personal preferences of taste.

Storing these food items at home can really ease your pressure as what to prepare and how to manage the daily food requirements at home. Be positive and always remember to work towards the phenomenon of “reduce, reuse, recycle”. With a little effort, we would not only learn to be resourceful, but will also learn to make healthy choices always and how to survive during limited supplies.

NOTE: Do not hoard the food items beyond your requirement. There are many struggling for their daily meals. Together we have to come out of this situation saving the humans inside us and extending the humanity outside.