Planning for a festive vacation? These health tips will help

Festive season in India is a big call to outdoor vacations, visit beaches and hills stations. With all the fun-filled memories what might come back are a few infections, travel sickness, and diseases. However, careful travel planning and a few vacation tips can help you stay healthy during all the journey, holidays and even after coming back.

Here are the Tips for a Healthy Vacation:

  • Check your Packing: Keep the right kind of clothes and accessories based on the weather of the place you are visiting. The change in weather can take a toll on your health. Umbrella, caps, hats, socks, gloves, sunscreen lotion, moisturizer, earbuds, are a must to pack things.
  • Travel Yoga: Keep your mind and body in sync to enjoy the fun and adventure of the new place. No matter you are staying in a service apartment or a hotel room, find a little place to do yoga as the first thing in the morning. It will help you deal with journey related circulation problem while improving the quality of sleep.
  • Indulge in Healthy Eating: Eat outs are common even when you are in-station. So, when at a new place, avoid getting indulged in too much spicy food and drinks. Never go for rare recipes as they might use long preserved cooking materials. Always choose to eat the running items which are mostly fresh. Better have fresh fruits, salads, curd rice, corn flakes, bread sandwiches, pasta, and similar healthy options.    
  • Get Enough Sleep: Night parties and DJ? Make sure to cover up the sleep with mid-day naps. Full day busy with hiking and trekking? Night should well be spent in sleep. Lack of rest and sleep might affect you once you are back. 
  • First-Aid Kit: For minor cuts, sprains, swelling or burn, have the first-aid kit with you. Outdoor trekking, campfire, dance, plays, swimming, and other activities might bring some emergency which you should be able to handle on your own for first-hand relief. Meeting a practitioner is advisable after that.
  • Keep Soap and Sanitizers Handy: Handwashing is the best prevention against infections. Keep washing your hands or use sanitizer where water is not available.
  • Be Hydrated and Drink Alcohol Responsibly: Water bottle in your backpack is a must. Keep sipping clean water to provide your body the most necessary element. For fun, always keep a check on your alcohol intake.
  • Keep the Nearest Doctor Details Handy: This is the most important thing you should follow. Get to know an idea of nearest medical help, clinic, or doctor, in case you need some help. Falling sick, fever, sore throat, vomiting, stomach upset etc a few common vacation sicknesses. Avoid self-medication and seek doctor’s help by finding your nearest one.
  • Health App in your Mobile: Yes, this is the smartest addition to your travel tip. A health app will enable you to book a doctor appointment online, seek some help through online doctor consultation, or simply order medicines for doorstep delivery. Not only this, you can also read on interesting health tips online and take care of your health during your entire vacation.