Prevent Flu Know About the Myths and Facts

Flu is a common respiratory illness that spreads in a particular season and goes viral affecting a number of people at a time. If one person in a family gets the flu, others are also affected and it takes time to get rid of it. However, with pre-calculation of the arriving flu season and adequate information about the disease, its spread can be arrested as well as the severity can be minimized. With the term “flu” we are nowhere talking about the “swine flu” or the “h1n1”.

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Seasonal Flu Symptoms and Prevention:

There are a number of myths about seasonal flu that if clarified can help a lot in addressing the flu symptoms and get positive results.

1. Myth: One flu vaccine is enough for all types of flu.

Fact: No, one flu vaccine contains three types of virus strains that may be prevalent in a particular season. However, if you are exposed to a fourth type of virus, you will catch the flu and fall sick. One flu shot cannot prevent all types of flu.

2. Myth: You may get flu even with a flu vaccine.

Fact: This myth is prevalent among the unaware people who think that flu vaccine gives flu whereas, the flu vaccines are meant to prevent flu. The fact is that flu vaccine does not contain any live virus which will give you a flu.

3. Myth: Flu is not fatal or dangerous

Fact: Flu can really be fatal if ignored. It can lead to serious complications and significant deterioration to your respiratory health and overall wellbeing. There have been a number of deaths registered due to flu.

4. Myth: Flu vaccine is not needed every year

Fact: Prevention from flu requires vaccination every year. You may get exposed to different virus next year for which you were not vaccinated. So, each year, your shot depends on the virus which is prevalent and which keeps on changing every year. Also, if you are vaccinated against different strains of viruses, you will develop significant resistant to a number of virus over a period of time ensuring your good health in long term.

Though flu is a common problem, it is irritating and problematic. So, preventing it through flu shots and appropriate information is always a good step to take.