Quit Smoking Take a Well-Planned Step

Thought of quitting smoking and the benefits are not unknown to anyone. That is why people say “don’t ask to stop smoking, tell how to stop smoking”. There are many who have successfully quit smoking and many others who ended up with unsuccessful attempts. The cruelty of smoking addiction is such that if you fail a few times in getting rid of it, your strength and determination to get rid of smoking also weakens. People start believing that it is just not possible for them.

However, if you take a planned step on how to quit smoking cigarettes, the chance of your success is more. Instead of taking a random decision of quitting smoking which has no support, backup, or working ideas, you should go for a planned approach with “smart quit smoking tips” that really works. 

Tips to quit smoking:

Make a strong personal decision; Set a QUIT DATE  

It’s you who has to decide, act, and succeed. So, having a strong commitment towards yourself is important than any other thing. Tell yourself that you need to quit, because 

  1. You want a healthy life
  2. You want to avoid diseases
  3. Others have done it successfully
  4. There are multiple benefits of quitting smoking

Take some time to decide the date of quitting. You need to prepare yourself mentally, include people around you, and seek medical help if needed to have a strong attack on the addition. 

Setting the Date: You can choose any of your favourite days, your birthday, anniversary or any other day that means a lot to you. It will encourage you mentally to stick to your decision.

Consider Medical Help and Quit Smoking Program

There is no certainty as what will work best for you. There are a number of smoking cessation programs and their success rates are also different. Meeting a medical professional and seeking help can give you a guided way towards quitting smoking. Based on your years of smoking history and your pattern of addiction, he or she will suggest you a smooth plan that will gradually get you rid of this habit. In many programs, nicotine gum or nicotine patches are also used to ease the process of cessation. Before your quit day, make sure to meet a doctor who can help you out.

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How to make your quit smoking attempt more effective? 

You need to be emotionally strong. For this purpose, going for a behavioural therapy or counselling will help a lot. Joining a group or forum of people with similar problem will keep you motivated and firm on your decision. Whenever you feel low or distracted, try to be among your family members who can support you more than anyone else.

On the QUIT DAY 

This day is the biggest day and could be the memorable day of your life when you really quit smoking.

  1. Do not smoke; no means no
  2. Avoid the regular route to your work
  3. Do something new, keep yourself engaged
  4. When you feel the urge to smoke, get up and move
  5. Get involved in exercising, jogging, or play some sport
  6. If you have joined any group, get along with them
  7. Strongly avoid the friend circle which smokes
  8. Watch movies, listen to music
  9. Keep on munching fruits, nuts, and other healthy snacks
  10. Drink water sip by sip

Initially, you may get some withdrawal symptoms. It may appear tough, but you have promised yourself, no smoking. So, stick your program and always imagine the day when you would proudly say that you quit smoking forever. All the best!