Raksha Bandhan – Just like you, Health and protection are siblings too

Chocolate is silk but freak too, how about planning good health and a fitter brother or sister this Raksha Bandhan.

This Raksha Bandhan let’s focus on gifting “good health” by preventing the preventable such as known genetic diseases, autoimmune or lifestyle diseases and other progressive medical conditions. And take a resolution to do the following to keep each other fit. 


Whether you are 10-year-old or a 70-year-old sibling, caring for each other really makes a difference! The emotional bond between the two can never be replaced by other people, materialistic comforts and distances. To begin with, checking on small basic things personally makes a huge impact. 


In our fast-paced lives, we often adopt the easiest and the most convenient lifestyle which may not be healthy for us at all.

Below are some prominent signals that your sibling needs medical attention. 

Symptoms: Tiredness, Breathlessness, Body pain, Irritability, Heel pain, Unexplained weight gain.

For example, in men sedentary habits (sitting for long hours with laptop, binge eating, drinking alcohol and ordering outside meals frequently results in high triglycerides (fats) in the body, rise in blood sugar levels and liver disorders all these any day can take a dangerous turn such as cardiac attack, diabetes and fatty liver diseases.

In women, sedentary lifestyle, erratic patterns of eating cause lifelong conditions like Polycystic Ovarian Disease, kidney disease, obesity linked Arthritis, and thyroid. These conditions when not prevented can lead to life long suffering for your sister. 


Motivated working out should be the goal of every brother-sister. It will be a plus if you can take out time and exercise with your brother and sister or become gym buddies. However, if you are staying far apart. A timely reminder and introduction with correct postures and forms will do wonders. 

Men: Pushups, CrossFit training, and daily Cardio can really help in bringing down triglycerides(fats) and keep the heart healthy. Along with exercises you can also check out our heart friendly, Intestine friendly & liver friendly recipes

Women: Pilates, Zumba, yoga (beginners) and brisk walking daily for at least 45 mins will not only keep the weight in check but also keep away lifestyle diseases such as (diabetes, thyroid PCOD and various bone disorders. Along with exercises you can also check out uterus friendly recipes and bone friendly recipes. 

Vaccination and screenings

When science has progressed and made efforts to prevent the preventable then why to neglect?

Men: Hepatitis vaccines (A, B and C). Flu vaccine, cancer screening markers (PSA)

Female: Hepatitis (A, B and C) Cervical cancer vaccine (ideally before or around 25) Pap smear for females (30 and above) 

First step to a fitter sibling

If you are a caring brother go for the best test for your sister - Zoylo Female Preventive Test now! Which covers cancer screening, bone health, thyroid, hormonal profile along with other vital tests. 

If you are doting sister, gift your brother Zoylo Male Preventive Check up which covers, prostrate cancer screening, Bone health, Liver function test, kidney function test and Lipid profile. 

Don’t think much, there is no better satisfaction than preventing and gifting good health to each other.