Regular Medical Tests - A Reflection of Your Wellbeing

We all love our families and are pretty much concerned about the good health of our loved ones. In case of any health condition, we encourage people to see a doctor and, at times, we may even drive them to the best doctor in town. Despite the fact, that it is one affectionate way to show love and care but it might become miserable if any symptom goes unseen. With advancements in the medical science, we can stop any disease to progress by carrying out variety of tests. Even if, you do not have any symptom at the moment, regular medical tests can help you to prevent develop one. Let us learn about the importance of getting tested and some common medical tests.


1.       Blood Test & Blood Test TypesThey are the most common of the tests and have the following types:

  • Complete Blood Count (CBC): CBC is often done as a part of routine health checkup to detect disorders such as, anaemia, blood cancer, infections, immune system dysfunction and clotting disorders. It measures the different components of the blood like RBC count, WBC count, Platelets, Haemoglobin and Mean Corpuscular Volume (MCV).
  • Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP): It is a group of tests that measures various chemicals, like blood glucose, calcium, electrolytes, blood urea and creatinine, present in the blood which is majorly done on the blood plasma to indicate condition of the bones, kidneys, liver and muscles.
  • Blood Enzyme Test: Enzymes like Troponin and Creatinine Kinase are monitored as their abnormal values may result in heart attack.

2.     Lipid Profile TestThis test indicates if you are at a risk of a coronary heart disease. It majorly informs about the cholesterol levels in the body. Cholesterol test confirms the HDL, LDL, Total cholesterol and Triglycerides levels in the body.

3.  Thyroid Function TestIf you have been feeling abnormally lazy lately or have become obese/thin in a couple of months, then you probably should get a thyroid test done. Tests like T3, T4 and TSH confirm the functioning of your thyroid gland.

4.     Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR)These tests are helpful if you feel any inflammation in your body. But remember, the reasons of the inflammation can be many and it can only be confirmed with the tests.

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As said time and again, prevention is better than cure, a test may be beneficial in any of the following ways:

  • Test in routine can pick up signs of irregularities
  • Diagnostic Test can confirm the disorder based on the symptoms
  • Can evaluate the severity and plan the treatment accordingly
  • Monitor the response of the body to the ongoing treatment

We cannot help unfortunate situations in our lives but we can certainly prevent untimely mishaps with a little alertness and a much of awareness. These regular tests can help to keep you and your loved ones hale and hearty.