Simple Tips to Control your Diabetes Effectively

Rising cases of diabetes is no surprise. It gets scary only when you are not able to manage it and the blood sugar level increases uncontrolled. But once you have been diagnosed with diabetes, you can do a lot many things to keep a check on the blood sugar levels and improve your health. Diabetes is a health condition and adequate knowledge about it and the ways to live with diabetes can help you lead a normal, active, and fulfilling life.

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Bring some positive changes to control your diabetes. While closely coordinating with your doctor, here are a few things to start with:

1. Know what you eat

Food plays a major role in controlling or aggravating diabetes. Type 2 diabetes can be managed well if you keep a close tab on your diet. Your healthy diabetic diet should include fresh fruits, lean meant, whole grain, beans, and low-fat dairy products.

  • Avoid food that are high on Glycemic Index (GI): Foods like white bread, white rice, or soda affect the blood glucose level and may trigger your diabetes.
  • Limit intake of fast food: Fast foods are loaded with refined carbohydrates, trans fat, and sodium which is not good for people with diabetes.
  • Focus on non-starchy vegetables: Non-starchy fruits and vegetables like carrot, broccoli, and lettuce can be a good addition to your diet. When the sugar levels are in control, starchy fruits can also be taken.

2. Boost your insulin sensitivity

When you increase your sensitivity to insulin, your blood sugar remains in control. Also, if in any case, it rises, a little medication helps to lower the glucose level. Sensitivity to insulin can be improved with physical activities that keeps your weight in control. Aerobic exercises and resistance training helps a lot in controlling the diabetes. The best way for aerobics is to play outdoor games, however, you can opt for regular gym program.

3. Learn to live with diabetes

It is possible that you might feel sad, depressed, or sometimes overwhelmed living with diabetes. It is also true that you know all the secrets to control diabetes, but fail to stick to the routine or food habit. It’s natural! Here is how you can cope up with diabetes and live with it in a positive mind set.

  • Control Stress: Engage yourself in any hobby, do breathing exercises, meditate, listen music, go outside and take a walk, sing loud, and do other things that keeps you busy and occupied.
  • Seek Help: Feeling low is possible. In such situations, seek help of others, join any support group, go for mental counselling, spend time with your family members, or simply call your doctor.

It is also important to monitor your blood glucose levels regularly. To do this, you can buy a blood glucose monitor and do this test at home. You also can get it done from a certified laboratory, as advised by your doctor.