Sleepless nights? Stop doing these 5 things to have a sound sleep

Today a major population across the globe suffer from insomnia. You attempt to sleep, keep on turning sides on the bed and finally wake up with an unsuccessful attempt to sleep. These insufficient or completely sleepless nights further lead to anxiety, irritation, dullness and fatigue. Regardless of the age, including children, adults and elders, almost everyone complain of sleeplessness these days. This is a big problem which may lead to various other health issues if not treated and left to continue in the long run.

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 A quality sleep is always important no matter you sleep continuously for 8 to 10 hours a day or just 5 hours. A good night sleep prepares you for the next day physically and mentally. But what prevents you from sleeping well?

We do practice a few things that unknowingly alters our sleep mechanism. So, if you are also facing sleeplessness for no reasons, stop doing these things to improve your sleep.

Here are 5 things that you should stop doing to have a sound sleep:

1. Eating heavy: eating full: The food and quantity of food you eat has a major role to play in your sleep. When you eat heavy, oily and spicy food just before going to bed, it causes indigestion and leads to poor sleep. It also causes snoring at night or sleep apnea. Try to have light food at bedtime that too at least one hour before the bedtime.

2. Taking too much caffeine: Caffeine is a good stimulant and can relax you to some extent when you are in pressure. But consuming too much of caffeine a day can certainly affect your sleep. The research states that those who consume more than three to five cups of coffee throughout a day are most likely to wake up in the mid of night losing their sleep. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid caffeine, especially after lunchtime if you are having trouble sleeping.

3. Peeping on smartphone and e-readers: Gadgets have become an integral part of human lives, but remember, the radiation they generate is unknowingly killing you by passing electromagnetic waves that affect your brain activities and ultimately leaving you sleepless. The blue light given off by the screen prevents the production of melatonin which helps the body develop get sleepy. So, stay away from your gadgets at night. 

4. Sleeping in tight clothes and tied hairs:  Comfort matters while sleeping. Even if you get sleep in tight nightwear and tied hair, the chances are high that your sleep will be disturbed after sometime. Tight clothing increases the body temperature and inhibits the production of melatonin that governs our sleep pattern. So, it is always advisable to be in comfortable loose cotton clothes at bedtime to avoid sleep problems

5. Smoking: Cigarettes are big stimulants. The nicotine present in tobacco can kill your sleep. Many people are in habit of having cigarette after dinner which is a big invitation to the problem of insomnia. So, avoid having smoking at all at any time of the day. 

A sleep pattern once disturbed causes repetitive change in sleeping behaviour and pattern. As soon as you witness difficulty in sleeping, check if you are not doing any of the above-mentioned things. Try to improve your life style for sound sleep every night.

Also, do not self-medicate to get sleep. If changes in your habits are not yielding any result to get good sleep, meet a sleep specialist who may start an insomnia treatment for you. Timely medical intervention will help you improve your sleep and fight the problem of sleeplessness effectively.