Speak up before it’s too late - 4 alarming signs of mental health issues

Mental health is often given the last priority even after knowing that it is equally important as much as physical health. Leave about acceptance, even the concept of discussing it with friends, colleagues and family members brings a feeling of low self-esteem because of the social stigma attached with it.

As per statistics, psychiatrist confirm a steep rise in the increase of mental health issues in teenagers, young mothers, working professionals, celebrities, and even in children as young as 7 years irrespective of their caste, religion, and living standards. Now the key question is why is it happening? When you can seek help for fever and infection then why not for depression and anxiety? 

Just like cold, cough, fever and infection mental health issues when reported at the right time can be completely resolved. But we tend to hide and ignore it so much that we often undergo emotional outbursts and breakdown beyond our control. 

Signs of Mental Illness, Mental Health Issues

Understanding reasons of mental health disorders

Reasons of disbalance of mental health could be many, but according to psychoanalysts, apart from genetics, death of a closed one, job- dissatisfaction, sudden change of place, betrayal, divorce, unsuccessful investments, and ailments such as cancers, chronic kidney diseases, heart diseases, bone deformities, skin pigmentation are the major triggers of depression, anxiety, Bi-polar disorder and other progressive mental health disorders.

Having said that, we need to focus on the fact that nothing in this world is “permanent”, not even the present situation/condition. And If we take things in the right direction we can always come on top of our condition. To do so, we need to recognize and act on time! Read on to watch out for prominent warning signs of onset and aggravation of mental health issues. 

1) Drastic changes in eating, sleeping and speech volume

Eating too much or too little suddenly and completely losing sleep or excessive sleeping can be signs that your body is signaling that something is not right. Insomnia (difficulty sleeping at night) and increased day time sleeping disrupts body’s cycle and makes a person agitated throughout the day. 

Also, unwanted speech slurring or slow speaking can also hint that you may be very low in confidence and some mental linked issues are affecting the verbal diction. Being too low in confidence and speaking in low volumes can bring low self-esteem and be career damaging, hence watch out and take feedback from close friends and family to check on your speech. 

2) Strong anger current, mood swings and irritability 

It is more than okay to feel emotions like anger, dissatisfaction and general disagreement in day to day life but, for trivial reasons, if your anger is hitting the highest peak frequently It is matter of concern. In a day if you are on a roller coaster of emotions several times swinging from happy mode to sudden low mode and vice-versa, can also indicate erratic patterns of mood swings which may require expert counselling. 

Usually, talking to a close friend/family member, doing yoga daily and engaging in meaningful activities such as music etc. have been found to be extremely beneficial in overcoming mood swings and anger issues. 

3) Excessive fear, hallucinations and self -harm 

Fear of unknown/known origin and characteristics of imagining things, situations, objects and creatures may happen to any person with a progressive mental health disorder. However, ignoring and not reporting such events can be more harmful and dangerous. Additionally, feeling extremely dejected and thinking negative about your own self and doubting people around you can also lead to unwanted thoughts of self-harm or harm to others emotionally and physically.

We sincerely urge people who are experiencing these above symptoms to speak with a doctor/family member/counsellor immediately without any further delay. 

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4) Complete social withdrawal and risky behavior

“Human beings are social animals” it is the truth in all respects. Momentary solitude is good when you or your near n dear ones sometime wants a break. But if you are more comfortable in spending days together by your ownself ignoring duties/responsibilities and feel safe only alone it strongly hints that you are taking steps towards social withdrawal. 

Global psychologist’s state that along with social withdrawal patients with progressive mental disorders also get involved in other dangerous risky activities such as shop lifting, excessive smoking & alcohol consumption, undesirable sexual urges, and drug addiction etc. They begin to enjoy the company of such health damaging habits to derive relief from their own thoughts and solitude. 

If you are experiencing or know someone who is undergoing the above, they need serious help. Do not hesitate to help. Take professional guidance. 

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You are not alone! 

Substantial human records hints that everybody at a certain point of time in their lifespan has felt mental trauma, depression, devastation and direction lessness. And believe it, it’s okay to feel so sometimes! 

You are not alone or less fortunate. But if this feeling has stayed with you for more than 4 weeks it’s time to accept and seek professional/emotional help. But please allow the doctor to decide your course of action. Sometimes, talk therapies, sessions and physical activities are the only regime recommended.

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Important note -

However, not everyone goes through the same problems and have the same mental health issues. You are urged not to jump into conclusions without doctor consultation. For couples facing adjustment issues there are specific couple counselling, for children and teenagers there is an entirely different counselling. For elderly there are geriatric counselling. For chronic cases there could be medicinal intervention for days or months. Hence self-diagnosing could be really damaging for complete cure and treatment as depression is different from Bi-polar disorder or borderline personality disorder. Let the doctor diagnose it for you. 

Your acceptance, acknowledgement and willingness to battle itself will help you come on top of your condition instantly and get you back to normalcy sooner than you expected. Thank you!

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