Stay Away From the Risk of Breast Cancer with These Tips

Breast cancer has become a serious life threat to women. It’s hard to predict as who would become the victim of this deadly disease and lose the life. This emphasizes the need to increase breast cancer awareness to save lives.  Though preventive medical check-up and medical intervention is needed after a certain age, the risk of disease can be reduced further by making some lifestyle changes. Also, the causes of breast cancer should be fully understood to prevent it successfully.

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Every woman should also know the signs of breast cancer to identify it before it takes any deadly shape to seek the breast cancer treatment at the right time.

As a measure to help you, here follows a few tips that can let you have healthy breasts while kicking off the dangers of breast cancer at any later stage.

  • Mind your weight and diet. Obese women are more likely to get breast cancer than a normal weight woman. This is because fat cells secrete hormones and other inflammatory chemicals that spur cancer growth.
  • Breast feed: If you are a breast-feeding mother, then don’t try to stop feeding your child, as breast feeding can lower the risk of breast cancer.  
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol intake: Alcohol increases oestrogen levels, which is suspected to increase the risk of breast cancer.
  • Regular exercise: This can help reduce the risk of breast cancer and even maintain your body weight. 
  • Monitor hormone therapy: If you are on hormone therapy for any reason, keep meeting your doctor regularly. Yearly mammography is a must in such cases to keep away the danger of breast cancer. 
  • Though these tips will keep you safe from the disease, you should also do certain things to make sure, if anything happens, you catch it at the right time. 
  • Self- Examination: Never hesitate to make a self-examination, which will help you to react at the right time in case of any breast cancer symptoms identified. Checkout your breasts and armpit area for any nodes in them. Even if you palpate the smallest lump, report to the doctor immediately.
  • Mammogram: If you have dense breasts, then mammogram can help in determining the disease, if any. The doctor may further advice to go for second examination such as breast ultrasound, MRI Scan or gamma imaging.
  • Breast aware: Besides going for various examinations, today doctors recommend women to be breast aware, which is to keep noticing any changes in the breasts like while lying down, in shower, or at different times of the month. Any abnormal changes should be spotted for immediate diagnoses.
  • Family history: It is also important to give some importance to your family history of breast cancer. There are 10% chances to get affected by breast cancer due to genetic reasons. It is not only breast, but you should also consider history of ovarian cancer, if any, in your family.
  • Over 50: If you are over 50, then never relax; you should immediately go for a check-up. This is because women over 50 are more prone to breast cancer risk factors.

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Besides these tips, try to eat less fat, learn to relax, and quit smoking. It is recommended to consult a gynaecologist for regular health check-up or for any abnormal symptoms found in the breasts.