Stick to your Health Resolutions for 2019

Health needs attention and new year resolutions need commitment. Unless you are committed for any resolution you make, the results are hard to get. So, this blog is going to talk about the health resolutions you can make for the year 2018 and stick to them by setting realistic goals.

Don’t try to “leave bad habits”! Try to cultivate “healthy lifestyle habits” 

When we talk about leaving anything, it sounds difficult and more of a pressurized act. So, make your resolution positive by cultivating healthy habits. For instance, when you snack with a healthy food, the unhealthy stuffs from your plate would automatically go without making an effort.  

Be specific

Choose a specific, short-term, and realistic fitness goal to achieve. From smoking a pack of cigarette a day to zero is not achievable. So, challenge yourself to have only two cigarettes in a day for one week. Try for it and then make the next week’s plan. Similarly, loosing 4 Kgs in a week might not be possible. Give yourself enough time to make it possible by putting best efforts.   

Come out of “compare-and-despair trap” 

Stay away from negative thinking. Don’t compare yourself with others as your body might respond differently. Your constitution, stamina, and your metabolic rate is different. Keep putting the effort consistently and the results will come to you. 

Schedule a “self-appointment” 

We never tend to miss appointments. So, why not practice it for yourself because you also need your own time; the “me-time”. Schedule appointment for your exercise, snacking, drinking water, and sleeping. Choose the most suitable time for these activities, mark them in your calendar, and try not to miss these very important appointments of your life.  

Track your progress 

This is misleading! Your progress is not weighing low on the scale, rather your progress is sticking to your health program consistently. Try to follow the routine, the menu, and the plans you have prepared for yourself and put a tick mark every day for the things you have done successfully.   

Motivate and reward yourself 

To settle down with your new way of living, you need to motivate yourself. Some might feel good by checking their progress, some might feel motivated talking to other community members, and for some, it is just the “I am getting better” factor. Whatever, it is for you, stay motivated and refrain from negative thoughts. Give yourself a day off, present yourself a healthy gift, visit your favourite friends’ group, or cook your favourite dish to reward yourself for the efforts you are putting. 

Don’t give up! Keep Going! 

No big dreams are fulfilled overnight. Don’t give up if you fail to achieve your first goal. Try to see that you are somewhere near to it which seemed impossible initially. Meeting a few of your short-term goals will take you closer to the big long-term goal that you always dreamt of. So, keep going!