The Sugarless Story of a Diabetic Life

My family, joint family, has three cases of diabetes bringing others also close to diabetes in future. While the younger generation is aware and is taking enough precautions, there are many sitting ready to accept it as something which is natural and has to come its way. Actually, the way we talk of rising pollution, population and crime, we have started talking of Diabetes in the same way. And why not, it has become so common and is growing at a meteoric rate bringing India among the top 3 nations with maximum cases of diabetes.

A Common Man’s Diabetic Life

Diagnosed with DIABETES!!! Here comes a sugarless life. This is the notion associated with a diabetic. Once you are diagnosed with diabetes, you have to avoid sugar, potatoes, rice, cakes, sweets, chocolates and all those mouth-watering stuffs you used to crave for. In serious cases, you might need to take insulin injections with a regular anti-diabetic medicine already in your food menu. So, a well-planned regimen of treatment for diabetes and precautions of diabetes comes into action.   

If you are educated and literate then you might consider going for regular eye checkups and health examination to see if the diabetes is causing any further damage. But, here again, there are many who don’t even know that diabetes is not the end disease, rather it leads to many other serious medical conditions which needs immediate attention.

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Acceptance is not always good

When we accept our condition, we tend to act on it. It also happens that, when we accept our condition, we learn to live with that. Acceptance in diabetes can stop the ways of its reversal which is possible; which is not a miracle; and which is a proven science.  

Reverse Your Diabetes

Nature has provided us everything to heal ourselves. If time is a great healer, I believe, nature is a great doctor. Also, what you eat is what you are. So, between you and your good health lies the food that you feed to your body. A sensible diet plan and a routine management regimen is what can help you reverse your diabetes, be it Type I diabetes or Type 2 diabetes, if you follow it religiously.

Diabetes Tips:

Small Changes Count in Diabetes Reversal

Reversal, in diabetes, means you go off the medication, but with a lifestyle program in place. For some a regular engagement in physical activity may show significant result while for others shedding a few pounds will do. However, a few must to do things you can implement are:

  • Avoid processed foods; say no to packaged food stuffs
  • Give time to yourself while eating; no haste
  • Rely on things grown naturally from ground
  • Do not go for over-the-counter anti-diabetic products
  • Engage in physical activity; do jogging or exercising 

There are ways to arrest this epidemic. While diabetes reversal is possible, it is also equally important to get yourself checked for any pre-diabetic condition and take preventive measures. Life seems complete with the combination of all four seasons, days & nights, warmth & chills, as well as sweet and sourness. Be aware of diabetes and act on time to keep adding sugar to your life.

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