Sun Tan Protection and Skin Care in Summer

Sun is blazing with its hot flames and everyone is fearful of getting sun tans while being outside. There is some definite need to take preventive measures and prevent ourselves from skin damage and sun tan. Also, skin care in summer is needed as more oil is produced which move freely making the skin look dull, oily, and dark. 

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What Happens in Sun Skin Tanning?

Our skin gets its colour from melanin pigments; darker skin shade has more melanin and fairer skin have less melanin in themselves. During extensive sun exposure, the body normally produces more melanin as a response to UV rays in order to protect the inner layers of skin from sun damage. Tanning or darkening of the top layer of skin actually protect severe damage to the inner skin layer.

Protection from Sun is the First Step

If you are not careful enough to protect yourself from sun heat, you will end up with different shades of skin by the end of this summer. Though there are skin tan removal treatments and techniques, you need to take preliminary precaution as the first line of defence. So, whenever you go out, apply your skin with SPF 30-50 sunscreen lotion or cover your skin with cloth. It needs you to wear full-sleeve cotton clothes, cap on your head, and a scarf to cover your face. A sunglass will protect the circular region around your eyes from darkening. Once you are back from sun, do not forget to wash your face and remove the sunscreen lotion. Also, if you are going outside for swimming in chlorinated water, make sure to wash your face and hair with fresh water immediately.

Sun Tan Removal Home Remedies

There are simple home remedies for tan removal that does not need you to spend huge amount on buying sun tan removal cream.

  1. Apply aloe vera and lemon face pack: Aloe vera has a cooling effect and lemon is a natural bleaching element. These two combined together can help reduce the dark spots and tans you incurred due to sun exposure.
  2. Curd and gram flour pack: Curd is an exfoliating agent and will help in removing the dead cells and cooling the skin while gram flour is used to bring instant glow on the skin. This home-made paste can be used as tan removal cream for hands and legs as well.
  3. Sandal wood and rose water pack: Sandal wood has soothing and cooling property and can be a great product to treat sun damage and sun burns. Mixed with rose water, it can work as a cleanser and toner leaving you with fresh and glowing skin.  

Give more care for your skin. Consult the best dermatologist now

When to see a dermatologist for sun tan?

Tanning of skin in summer is common and it does not have any severe implication. However, if you witness darkening and reddening of skin with a lot of itching and the texture of your skin is also changing, it’s time to see a dermatologist. Find your nearest dermatologist and seek his opinion. Stay healthy! Stay glowing!