Tests a woman must go for at the age of 40 or above

Health is an important aspect of human existence. More so when people cross into middle age. Urban life, family obligations, and busy professional schedules exert a toll on women’s health and therefore, men and women must undergo certain medical tests once they attain 40 years of age. We are here listing some of the mandatory medical tests recommended for women.

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Test for diabetes 

Women, past the age of forty, must undertake blood sugar test on a regular basis. Unhealthy eating and snacking habits can reduce the human body’s ability to process sugar and this condition puts pressure on the pancreas. Therefore, women must undergo blood checks to spot any sluggishness in their metabolism. The frequency of the test can be decided after analysing the risks. 

Get cholesterol profile done

High cholesterol levels in blood can lead to medical conditions that affect the quality of life. Doctors recommend women in the aforesaid age group undergo cholesterol checks after regular intervals. Any unhealthy condition can warrant a change in lifestyle and dietary habits.

Pelvic exam, pap tests, and mammograms 

These tests are the part of complete women health check-up and are mostly offered in packages at a time. Women must undergo these tests to screen any unhealthy developments like sexually transmitted diseases, inflammations, tumours or cervical diseases. A cervical exam can reveal any such abnormality, while a breast exam ensures unwanted lumps or tumours are kept at bay. General health physicians recommend these tests so that women can gain a complete picture of their reproductive health.

Eye tests 

Modern lifestyles, exposure to pollution, radiations from devices, and the age factor puts pressure on the eyes and affects the eye sights. Not only this, other health conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure can also adversely impact the human eyes. Therefore, women past the age of forty must undergo medical tests for eye diseases.


Medical professionals test patients for any polyps or undesirable growth in the rectum or intestine through colonoscopy. The tests also check for colon cancer and any suspicious growth in the large intestine and its surrounding areas. These tests can be undertaken every two years with a view to preserve women’s health. 

Blood pressure tests

Women over the age of forty may get high blood pressure as a medical condition. Regular testing can reveal the range of blood pressure values in an adult patient. High blood pressure can degrade bodily functions, but the condition can be checked through physical exercise, proper diet, and mental relaxation after being diagnosed properly.

Check for body weight

Excessive gain in body weight should be checked at any given age, however, in the middle age, it is a must to keep other associated diseases at bay. Women, past the age of forty, should undergo check-ups to monitor their body weight. Excess body weight may result from bad nutrition and poor lifestyle choices; the condition can lead to adverse health conditions in middle age.

Skin check-ups

Certain genetic dispositions make people prone to skin conditions such as skin cancer. Medical tests can help to detect any sign of negative conditions in men and women. This is especially significant for middle-age women. Regular medical tests can reveal the health of the skin in women to take appropriate measures.


Human health requires additional support to preserve itself against various acquired diseases. After the middle age, when immunity tends to diminish, making the body prone to various types of diseases, women should consider getting immunized properly on time. So, stay updated with your immunizations by consulting health professionals on time. Various vaccines are available and these should be utilized. 

These medical tests are enough to keep yourself safe and healthy. You can go ahead with a prescription from your general physician or choose to go with a diagnostic test package for women from any reputed diagnostic centre.

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