Time to fight out weight gain & lockdown lethargy

While we are following lockdown & social distancing judiciously, we have by default made lethargy our companion, which is going very much against our health.

The lockdown may have helped us stay away from COVID-19 and other infections, but for the matter of fact, despite of good self-control, our body’s weight, core strength & muscles have definitely taken the real hit.

Let’s get the basics right -

Why is weight gain happening? Unwanted weight gain is happening primarily due to constant eating of what you get right in front of you, which is readily available at home, fresh and tasty.

There may be a possibility of underlying medical condition which is getting ignored such as depression, obesity and thyroid during this stressful time.

For many, simply the lockdown has made everyone excessively sedentary; creating a direct impact on heart, bones, kidney, liver, intestines, uterus, and overall physical activity & appearance.

So to begin with, weigh yourself first. Also, check out your BMI index.

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If your BMI index is well within the upper and lower limit then you are really lucky, however, researchers claim that very few people fall under this bracket. So to resurrect all the lockdown weight gains, plan the following!

Plan your meals -

Plan your meals

3 proper meals or 6 mini meals with 2 healthy beverage breaks are more than enough during the lockdown period. Exceeding anything extra beyond this will be considered binging & over eating.

Needless to remind that refined sugar, oil & butter should be used only sparingly for cooking and taste.

Practice slow eating -

Practise slow eating

Did you know that slow eating has many benefits? While at home during lockdown, we all have ample time to eat our meals as compared to the hectic routines we have been following so far.

Slow eating not only helps in chewing food properly which aids in smooth digestion, but also further helps in less and mindful consumption of food.

Plan your physical workouts -

Plan your physical workouts

With the countrywide closure of gyms and group exercises, you can still successfully plan your workouts.

If you are part of orange zone, you can go for early morning walks and terrace/garden yoga. However, if you are part of the red zone, there is nothing to be disappointed; our homes are already equipped with better than gym accessories and machines.

Stair climbing, exercises with the chair, skipping, spot jogging and push -ups (5 minutes each) can give you unbelievable yet realistic results.

Drink the following fluids every day -

Drink the following fluids every day

Amidst the COVID fiasco and the current weather everyone is recommended to take a lot of water/fluid intake to keep adequately hydrated and flush away all toxins.

Lemon water, Tulsi tea, water melon juice, cranberry juice, butter milk and orange detox water are to be routinely taken to ensure hydration along with organ detoxification


Let’s not use lockdown as an excuse to gain weight, instead, let us utilize this time to resurrect all the current shortcomings of our lives and gain good health!

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