Tips to welcome winter with greater immunity

Winter, the season of small days and long nights is here. While the love for hot teas and coffees will increase, the unwanted flus, colds, sore throats, and infections will also knock the door. However, with some working winter health tips on how to increase immunity in this season, we can stay cool and healthy for the entire season.

Winter healthcare tips for greater immunity :

1. Gain Vitamin D with Sunlight

Vitamin D helps our immune system to work adequately. Since there is no significant dietary source of vitamin D, you can enjoy the winter sun to enrich your body with Vit D and boost immune system.

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2. Get enough vitamin C

Vitamin C helps in building immunity that fights diseases. In winter munch on enough of citrus fruits like oranges and lime. Also, the availability of gooseberry in this season can aid to your immunity if you take it in any form. 

3. Enjoy herbal tea and hot spices

Sipping some hot tea and coffee is obvious in this season. However, if you turn your tea into a herbal tea, it could prove to be a great immune system booster. Make some lemon tea with a pinch of pepper power or simply gulp the basil tea to keep cough, cold, and infections at bay. Use honey or rock sugar as the sweetener which are good for your immune system. 

4. Have Your Greens and Garlics

The green leafy vegetables are loaded with flu-fighting phytonutrients and the white garlics have strong anti-viral properties. So, have enough green salads and add garlic in your diet which are immune boosting foods. A little change can bring difference to the way your body responds to infection attacks. Moreover, it is always better to go with the natural immune boosters like these which have no side-effects.  

5. Sweat and Sleep

Seven to eight hours of sleep at night and a catnap in the afternoon will keep you strong. Also, in the morning shed some sweat to keep yourself active. Your body fitness is important to stop the invasion of unnecessary seasonal diseases. These activities build your stamina which in turn help in building a strong immunity power.

These are the ways on how to boost immune system during winter season which is typical considering the climatic condition. So, gear up with all your preparations to enjoy the season without falling sick while loving the chilling temperature and loads of woolen clothing.