Top 6 Misconceptions About Using Masks You Need to Rule Out

Physical distancing, frequent hand washing, and using a mask are the core mantras of staying safe from Covid-19. With all kinds of information, there also comes a flow of mis-information, misunderstandings, and myths. Especially with Covid-19, which unfolds something new every other day, people are wary and shrouded with doubts and fear. In terms of using mask also, there are many questions and misunderstandings like; which type of mask to use, when to wear it, which outdoor activities can be done without a mask and many others. 

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So, here, put your mind at ease! Clear your doubts and keep using the masks to keep yourself and others safe from the risk of infection. 

Misconception No.1

Wearing mask can make your breathing harder and make you oxygen deficient 

All the medically suggested masks are made from breathable material that allows free breathing. Their purpose is to prevent the entry or exit of respiratory droplets containing the virus. So, do not stop using the mask out of this oxygen deficit fear. However, you should be careful in choosing a mask which should be made of tight-knit material and a filter pocket. While putting it on the face, make sure not to tie too hard or too loose. 

Misconception No. 2

Masks trap the exhaled carbon-di-oxide and make you re-inhale that

It appears that masks completely trap the exhaled CO2 due to its coverage of area from nose bridge to the chin. However, filtration allowed through the tiny pores of the mask can never cause you CO2 intoxication. This has been exemplified by thousands of front-line healthcare professionals who wear masks for as long as 24 hours. 

Misconception No. 3

Masks are not required if you maintain physical distancing

It’s not always true. Masks and physical distancing both are required to keep safe from the transmission of infections. Whenever out in public place, try to maintain physical distance and never put off your mask. Only in wide open areas with no population, you may take relief from the mask for a little time. 

Misconception No. 4

Healthy individuals with no symptoms don’t need mask

You might be healthy, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t catch infection from others who are infected but are asymptomatic. Likewise, you might seem healthy, but can carry virus without any symptoms. So, wearing a mask does not only safeguard you, but also ensures safety of others around you. In this pandemic era, use masks religiously for everyone’s safety. 

Misconception No. 5

Kids cannot concentrate and focus while on mask 

It’s not only about kids. Even adults are trying to adjust with this new accessory on the face which seems “add-on” initially. However, looking at the grave necessity of masks to prevent transmission of the infection, their use should not be discouraged due to any other factor. Kids are adjusting to it and its inconvenience should not be a reason to discontinue using the mask or take its necessity lightly. 

Misconception No. 6

Effectiveness of masks is not backed by scientific data

Well, there has been enough data and research to establish the effectiveness of surgical and N95 masks. However, the data on the use of other clothe masks and home-made masks are still under studies. Still, the health authorities state that using a multi-layered cloth mask definitely provides protection against the transmission of virus through respiratory droplets. 

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How to use mask effectively?

  • Cover both nose and the mouth with mask extending under the chin
  • It should fit comfortably across the sides of the face
  • You should be able to breath comfortably
  • Prefer masks with multiple layers
  • Wash home-made masks with soap in hot water

Our safety is largely in our hands while we battle against Covid-19. Getting carried away with inappropriate information can cost everyone’s safety, healthy and lives. Be informed and stay safe!