Trying to conceive a baby? These tips can help you

When you are sure to become a mommy and ready to start a family, waiting to get pregnant is something you would never wish to do. No doubt, nature has to play a vital role in bringing life to your womb, there are a few tips that will enhance the chances of you getting pregnant asap.

1. Meet a Gynaecologist at the first place 

Your body should have the right hormonal balance, vitamins and nutrients to help a healthy conception. You might also need more of Folic Acid and other prenatal vitamins which only your doctor can suggest. Also, for any pre-existing medical condition, get yourself checked and advised properly.

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2. Figure out your fertile phase 

Follow your menstrual cycle regularly to know your fertile days. No matter how often you get along with your partner sexually, if you are missing the fertile days, there can’t be any conception. Knowing about your ovulation and having intercourse on the right day, increases the chances of egg fertilization. There are methods like basal body temperature charting or ovulation predictor kits which can help you find out when do you ovulate. Your doctor can also educate you thoroughly on this. 

3. Don’t miss intercourse on these days 

Identifying the ovulation is definitely good. Other precautions you can take is to make sure you are having an intercourse on these days.

  • Have intercourse every alternate day starting from the 10th day of menstrual cycle
  • Those having varying menstrual cycles, try having intercourse few times a week since the end of the menstruation.
  • If your ovulation results are positive, have intercourse on that day followed by next two days. Those are the most fertile days of entire month.

4. Stay on your back after sex 

There are no specific positions for baby making but to ensure or facilitate fertilization, lying back after sex is advisable. Also, the naturally slopping down position of the vagina should be considered to ensure that the sperms are not facing any gravity to retract out from the uterus. It is like taking an extra precaution for greater satisfaction.

5. Some DON’Ts to get pregnant 

Getting pregnant is not only about having sex on time and waiting for the blissful pregnancy results. What if you are right on the sexual part, but engaged in a few things that might affect your fertility and chances of getting pregnant. Here are a few things you are your partner should avoid.

  • Don’t use lubricants: Lubes can alter the pH balance in the vagina affecting the sperm mobility.
  • Don’t worry about orgasm: A sex without orgasm can also lead to pregnancy. It is always good if you make a baby while having the true delight of being with your partner, but it has nothing to do with you getting pregnant.    
  • Don’t engage in unhealthy habits: Kick out your habit of drinking alcohol, smoking, or drug abuse. Limit your caffeine intake if it is on the higher side. One cup of coffee a day is ok.
  • Don’t love your bulk: Yes, shed down the extra pounds you have. Healthy weight is crucial for a healthy pregnancy and healthy babies.

When to seek help?

If you are less than 35 years of age and tried for pregnancy for more than a year with no luck, you should see your doctor. Those who are above 35 should consult fertility experts after six months of trial. Also, if you have doubt on some reason that is hindering the conception, don’t delay at all. Seek doctor’s suggestion for better advice. Find your nearest fertility expert on Zoylo and book online appointment.