Useful facts about Stroke everyone should know

We all know that heart stroke is a popular disease that we often hear about. In order to be on the safer side and not to fall prey to this fatal disease, you should gain enough knowledge about the stroke. 

So, here are a few surprising facts about stroke you should certainly be aware of:

Two major types: 

A stroke occurs in two types. One is ‘Ischemic Stroke’ while the other is ‘Haemorrhagic Stroke’. Ischemic stroke is the more common type and 87% of strokes fall under this category. In this type, a stroke occurs when the blood flow to the brain is blocked. On the other hand, Haemorrhagic stroke occurs when a blood tissue ruptures and spills the blood in the brain. If these conditions are ignored or left untreated, it may lead to complicated consequences. 

  • Heart strokes are not biased. They can occur to anyone irrespective of the age and gender if the person is leading an unhealthy lifestyle. Researches show that stroke is more likely to occur in adults than in young people. 
  • Smoking, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol lead to stroke in most cases
  • Surprisingly, your body warns you few months before the stroke occurs. So be watchful about the symptoms such as pain in the left side of the body, weakness on one side of the body, panting for breath when walked only for meters, cold sweats

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It is wiser to be careful before falling under the cardiac-disease zone rather than trying to cure after becoming a victim. The following few steps can help you to keep your heart healthy. 

  1. Consume a low-fat, well-balanced diet
  2. Lead a happy, stress-free life
  3. Go for regular health check-ups 
  4. Exercise regularly 

Heart strokes are life-threatening. So, if you find any of the heart stroke symptoms, you should immediately consult a cardiologist and get treated. You can even choose to consult a cardiologist online.

You can even choose to Consult a Cardiologist Online to get the required suggestions right away.