What can you do for your Obese Child?

Rosy and chubby cheeks of the child make every parent happy. But when this plump will turn into an overweight body, you never know. As a parent, everyone aspires for a healthy child and not a heavy child. If your child is becoming fat or obese, its high time for you to take action and stop it become your obese child turns into an obese adult. Always remember, the increased number of fat cells during childhood can never be reduced even in adulthood, only the size of the fat cells can be reduced. 

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Why is it important to control obesity among children?

Obesity puts kids at risk of many health problems in childhood as well as in the future. Apart from high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol, there are many other health conditions that can put a child at risk due to obesity.   

Obese kids are also at risk of,

  • Bone and joint problems
  • Shortness of breath 
  • Asthma symptoms 
  • Restless sleep 
  • Early puberty 
  • Irregular menstruation among obese girls 
  • Liver and gallbladder diseases 

Why kids become obese?

There are a number of reasons for obesity among children. A few common causes include, 

  • Unhealthy food and lifestyle 

Kids are offered fat-filled fast food or processed and packaged meals due to lack of time. Also, parents try to make their child eat maximum by offering huge meal portions. 

  • Lack of exercise and physical activity 

Kids spend sedentary life in front of TV or video games. Exercising, yoga or physical sports are ignored due to high academic pressure or improper time management.  

  • Genetic factors 

Our genes decide the shape of our body and how the fat will be used or stored. However, genes alone cannot be blamed for it because habits developed over the time also matters. If both the parents are obese, then the risk for child to get obese increases. 

Avoid these mistakes

If you are struggling for the health of your child, never do these mistakes. 

  • Don’t reward your child with sweet treats or stop his bad behavior by offering some sweet bribe. 
  • Don’t pressurize the child to clean the plate, rather offer little food in the beginning. If the child wants more, he/she will ask.
  • Don’t take your child to the enticing markets, if possible. The colorful packets lure the child to ask for it and get habituated to sugary, salty, and fatty foods. 

Worried about your Overweight Child? Here is How you can Help

Healthy recommendations by age:

Different age group has different demand. Try to implement specific strategy right for the age of your child. 

  • Birth to 1 year: Try to breastfeed as much as possible. It prevents excessive weight gain. 
  • 1 to 5 years: Introduce healthy food to your child. Help develop healthy food preferences. They should play several times a day.  
  • 6 to 12 years: Encourage the child to play every day for at least one hour. Develop interest in any outdoor sport to pursue for always. Involve them in making good food choices for packing school lunch. 
  • 13 to 18 years: Involve your teen in kitchen to prepare healthy meals and snacks at home. Encourage them to choose healthy food even when outside. Motivate to continue them with sport activity or exercise at home. 

Do not ignore your Obese Child. Talk to a pediatrist from your home. Book online appointment.

Never choose to go with over-the-counter weight reduction pills for your child. It is easy to order medicine online and get started, but always seek an expert’s advice. For children, mostly, medicines for weight loss are not required. However, a pediatrist would check your child for the reason of obesity and would recommend the right course of action.