Why doctors recommend changing of cooking oil every three months?

Indian recipes are not complete without oils and ghee and they form a good portion of our daily meals. It is crucial to be choosey about the oils we use because of the tremendous effect it poses on our body and health. 

Doctors and general health experts recommend changing the cooking oil every three months as it has some hidden health benefits. For a number of digestive and heart-related issues, despite recommending the medicines which you can buy from online drug store, doctors advise to use less oil and good quality cooking oil.

What is the composition of cooking oil?

Every cooking oil is made up of a combination of three types of fat.

  • Poly-unsaturated fat or PUFA: Good for health
  • Mono-unsaturated fat or MUFA: Good for health
  • Saturated fat: Bad for health

These fats should be in the below proportion. 

PUFA:MUFA:Saturated = 1.5:1:1 

Our body does not synthesize these fats and we need to have them through our food. Different oils have different composition of these fats which impact our body differently.

Any type of oil that we consume have saturated fat in some quantity and we have to consume it. Opting for different types of oils makes sure that we have different intake of saturated fats; sometimes more and sometimes less. 

If one oil is giving us more of the saturated fat, other oil will give less of that. Thus, rotating our cooking oil can helps us regulate the amount of fat that enters our body.

 What are the best options of oil for cooking food ?

Food experts, nutritionists and dieticians advise to keep changing the cooking oil once in two to three months.

Find your nearest dietician and book online appointment for better suggestion.

Also, instead of deep frying the food items, it is good to go for stir-frying, baking, grilling or steaming.

If at all you have to use oil, count the family members and accumulate 3 to 4 spoon oil for each member in a container and use that throughout the day for anytime you make out of oil. The purpose is to make sure that one person does not consume more than 3-4 spoons of oil in a day. 

A few of the oil types that you can use for cooking at home include,

  • Sunflower oil
  • Olive oil
  • Rice bran oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Mustard oil
  • Sesame oil
  • Groundnut oil
  • Soyabean oil

People diagnosed with any specific medical condition, skin problems, or digestive disorders should consult their doctor or nutritionist before choosing any new type of oil. Those with heart conditions should try to use minimum amount of oil per day and should continue with their medication strictly.

Take all the possible care for your health by altering the oil you consume. However, if diagnosed with any health issue and taking medicines for that, then do not forget to buy medicine online comfortably from your own location for medicine delivery at doorstep.