World Asthma Day Fight Asthma with Every Breath

Asthma is a chronic disease of the respiratory system that badly affects your normal life and healthy living. It finds its prevalence on a global level and every society is somehow bearing the ill results of this disease.

World Asthma Day is a global initiative to spread awareness about this disease and was first organized in 1998. Since then it is internationally organized to unite and fight against it by involving healthcare organizations as well as the communities. Some of the themes for World Asthma Day is past few years have been “you can control your asthma”, “reducing the asthma burden”, the unmet needs of asthma”, “understanding asthma”, and    “unite to overcome asthma”.

Purpose of World Asthma Day

World Asthma Day aims at reducing asthma prevalence, morbidity and mortality. Through various campaigns and awareness generating program, it tries to improve the lives of people with asthma in every part of the world. Some of the core objectives of World Asthma Day are listed below:

· Maximize the number of people without asthma and minimize the number of people with asthma.

· Enable patients to control asthma attacks on their own and lower the emergency visit in hospitals due to sudden attacks.

· Reduce the death rates caused by asthma.

· Identify accurate treatment plans for asthma.

· Develop asthma care and generate awareness among patients, their families and care givers.

· Minimize the number of days spent in hospitals by the patients due to asthma.

What is done on World Asthma Day?

Various kinds of campaigns, programs, and conferences are organized on this day in every part of the world. By collating the efforts of doctors, patients, and others associated with asthma patients, many informative and products steps are taken on fight against this disease. Some of the activities done on World Asthma Day are following:

· Health camps are organized to provide free checkup for the patients and new people to find out the stage of asthma.

· Daily asthma control tips are given to make the life of asthma patients easier.

· Patients are encouraged for their timely visit to hospitals to keep track of the condition and control the disease.

· Patients are taught how to take care when exposed to environmental irritants or allergens.

· Theoretical sessions are held to generate awareness about asthma precaution and prevention.

Over the years, people have understood how to manage asthma on their own and with the help of their immediate circle. Awareness has led in minimizing the number of asthma emergencies and much more has to be achieved in this field.

A united approach and adherence to the messages conveyed on World Asthma Day would certainly lead to a better life of Asthma patients.

A Global Initiative for Asthma

To reduce asthma prevalence, morbidity, and mortality.

To improve the lives of people with asthma in every part of the world.