World health day-a day to honour good health

A celebration of good health and well-being worldwide, World Health day or WHD is an event that is organised under the leadership of World Health Organization (WHO) on the 7th of April every year. Its aim is to draw attention to mass healthcare and awareness against diseases, both spoken and unspoken.

WHO formation and WHD introduction

The World Health Organisation (WHO) was formed on 7th April, 1948 and held the first World Health assembly on this day in Geneva. The World Health Day, a global health awareness day has been celebrated every year with effect from 1950 on the 7th of April. 

Every year, on World Health Day, WHO follows a special theme and aims at drawing worldwide attention of the people towards the importance and significance of that theme. Based on this theme, there are a variety of events held nationally and internationally every year with the aim to make a difference and raise awareness in the community.

The health themes that are worked on every year raises a common awareness towards that particular health issue and an effective step is taken to work towards solving that health condition. In the year 1995, the World Health Day annual theme chosen was "Target 2000 — A World Without Polio”. After that, every country around the world has taken the initiative and most of the countries have been freed of this disease, whereas, the rest of the countries across the world have raised the awareness. A special theme taken up by WHO and global eradication of polio has been possible. 

Other than polio, several other global health issues that have been claiming lives for years have also been addressed by WHO every year. Chickenpox, smallpox, TB, malaria, child health & immunisation, leprosy, mental health & depression, healthy motherhood and many more such relevant issues have been pledged upon by WHO to deal with and make the world a better place to stay in.

World Health Day Theme 2018

WHO is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year and the theme they have chosen this year is Universal health coverage: everyone, everywhere with the slogan being Health For All. 

The aim of UHC (Universal Health Coverage) is to ensure that people around the world receive a greater quality of health and well-being through healthcare providers without facing any financial constraints.  Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the Director-General of WHO says referring to UHC, "Promote health, keep the world safe, serve the vulnerable”. He envisions a disease-free world, where every living being can enjoy fine health and productive lives, irrespective of which corner of the world they live in and who they are.

Contribution towards World Health Day

Every country will have a different approach to UHC and will adopt a unique health strategy. World Health Organisation calls forth everyone to contribute their bit in providing good health and making the society free of diseases. They encourage the society to give importance to their health and obtain the best health services available. 

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