World No Tobacco Day 2016

 Make Everyday a No Tobacco Day

Tobacco use is a global concern which has entered into a vicious cycle of lack of awareness, tobacco induced diseases, and poverty. People, government, and organizations around the world are working to create awareness about the lethal consequences of tobacco use and the horrible effects of smoking.

Due to rising demand for ban on tobacco use, the first World No Tobacco Day was celebrated on 31st May 1989 which was an initiation by the World Health Organization. With active people participation and large scale campaigns in public places, the result was apparent with a 20% reduction in the number of smokers by 2006.

Tobacco--The Dark Threat to Human Life

Use of tobacco invites a number of illnesses that can be fatal for life. Some of the diseases arising as ill effects of smoking are chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer, heart attack, strokes, chronic heart diseases, and cancers of various types. Despite knowing all the adverse effects of smoking, people fail to control their urge to smoke and fall prey to these life threatening conditions. 

Some alarming facts:

·    There are 1.3 billion tobacco users worldwide.

·    Tobacco kills one 1 of 10 people worldwide every year.

·    Tobacco awareness can reduce tobacco use by 20-25% by 2020.

·    Around 100 million premature deaths can be prevented with anti-smoking efforts.

Purpose of World No Tobacco Day

World No Tobacco Day aims at generating awareness among the common people about the bad effects of smoking or using tobacco in any form. The event aims at penetrating societies and communities around the world to make people realize the damages caused by tobacco use and how to quit smoking to improve the quality of their health and life.

WHO and World No Tobacco Day

WHO is the main hub and initiator of World No Tobacco Day. Apart from organizing various events and campaigns, it also organizes award ceremonies to appreciate the efforts made by different organization and individuals in reducing tobacco use. Strong contributors from around the world are awarded for their efforts on this day. 

Be responsible. Quit Tobacco before it’s too late

The efforts put on World No Tobacco Day will be successful only if we make everyday a no tobacco day by boycotting the products made out of tobacco. It’s our combined effort and a sense of responsibility towards the society that will bring short term and long term results in the elimination of tobacco and tobacco related diseases.