World Water Day 2016, A Pledge To Preserve Water

The World Water Day was first observed in 1993 when the UN greatly realized the need to think and take measures for water conservation throughout the world.

Water for the people, water by the people is the belief of this movement which aims at providing water for the basic necessities to people across all nations.

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World Water Day 2016 has a theme of “water and job” which brings in light the miserable condition of people who are water industry still do not have access to quality water and a quality life. This year’s water day aims at improving the quality of life of all those associated with water industry at any level.

Apart from the laws made by the government and the campaigns run by them, it comes as our moral responsibility to conserve this precious resource of nature. We have no rights to deprive our future generation of this basic amenity without which life would not be possible. Conserving water is the right of everyone and can be done anywhere you go.

We all can be a part of World Water Day 2016, by taking some primary steps at our own home. Please refer to the various ways we can preserve water in below illustration.