Zoylo launches ZoyCare: Healthcare on the move

ZOYLO Digihealth Pvt. Ltd. recently launched a unique initiative in the form of ‘Zoycare health kiosk’ to bring healthcare services to the people of Delhi on the move. Zoylo in association with the Delhi Metro has launched “health kiosks” at two key metro stations-IIT and INA metro stations with proposed expansion plans to cover more stations soon. The kiosk would give metro passengers quick access to diagnostic testing services, vital health check-ups based on key parameters, and other preventive healthcare services. This launch brings Zoylo a step closer to its mission of making health accessible to all. 

zoylo health kiosk at delhi metro station


The kiosks, with a trained technician, will allow metro passengers to check their health parameters for any deviations and get results within a few minutes. Based on the test results, the Zoycare Health Kiosk is capable of providing a predictive health analysis report in a few minutes which can further guide the users to book related services and experience end-to-end care for their health and wellness. This is a great move towards preventive care for Delhiites, who being busy in their fast-paced life, keep postponing their healthcare needs.  

health kiosk

Lakhs of passengers use Delhi Metro every day and this initiative will offer a convenient option to the people on the move. In today’s hectic life, everyone compromises with health needs, especially the preventive care. A busy schedule makes it difficult to go for a health check-up and a person keeps postponing till it is too late. In such a scenario, ZoyCare will offer metro passengers a convenient option to take charge of their health. The services at the Health Kiosks will help in early detection and diagnosis of many of the non-communicable diseases like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, thyroid, vitamin & mineral deficiencies at an early stage. This early diagnosis will definitely help people to seek early treatment and stay healthy.

Every single day, Zoylo is moving and contributing towards a better India, a healthier India. Launch of ZoyCare is one of its many initiations like online doctor & diagnostic bookings, home healthcare services, corporate wellness plans, online medicines and others. 

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